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WienerAI Tipped As The Next 100x Meme Coin As Presale Raises $6 Million

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The new meme coin WienerAI continues to catch the attention of meme coin enthusiasts and smart money traders, thanks to its memable ensemble and cutting-edge AI utility. 

The strong demand for the meme coin is evident in its presale. WAI has now raised over $6 million in its ICO, which many experts are painting as a sign of its high upside potential. 

Indeed, some smart money traders are already signalling the possibility that WienerAI could potentially be the next 100x meme coin. 

Why Are Experts Bullish on WienerAI?

Smart money traders have been quick to recognize WienerAI’s unique fundamentals, which separate it from most other new cryptocurrencies available on the market. 

Most experts and crypto influencers reviewing the project have praised how WienerAI has been able to balance its memable exterior with cutting-edge AI utility. 

Indeed, the project’s mascot – a part dog, part sausage hybrid with a good boy smile – has caught the fancy of meme coin enthusiasts. However, it is its AI superpower that differentiates it from other pump-and-dump meme coins. 

The project is launching its own next-gen trading bot, which it claims will be the ChatGPT for traders. In fact, it even has a similar UI as ChatGPT to make users feel at home while using the application. 

More importantly, the WienerAI trading bot is designed to be just as comprehensive for traders as ChatGPT is for writers.

The developer team behind the project is portraying it as a canine companion, the perfect partner for investors during a bull market. They can ask any invest-related query and receive comprehensive in-depth responses. 

In fact, it could even suggest high-potential trading setups, thanks to AI-enhanced predictive trading. Traders won’t even have to leave the platform to place the trades, with seamless swaps enabled within the application. 

Additional benefits include MEV protection, a crucial tool while placing high-slippage trades, that is typically not available to small-scale investors. Token holders can enjoy all such benefits at zero cost, which is expected to serve as a massive incentive to keep holding the token. 

If this is not enough, investors can stake their holdings and earn lucrative passive income. As per the WienerAI staking dashboard, stakers are currently enjoying a reward rate of over 180%. 

Is WienerAI Legit or a Scam?

Despite being a new meme coin, WienerAI has done well to protect itself against major security risks. 

The WienerAI smart contract has been audited by Solid Proof and the audit report is published on the project website. The report reveals no security risks or centralization issues associated with the WAI smart contract

For instance, the owner of the contract has renounced its ownership. This means that the token’s fundamentals cannot be tampered with after its launch. The owner also cannot blacklist certain addresses, mint new tokens or pause trading. 

As previously mentioned, WienerAI’s Trading Bot and staking protocol incentivize long-term holding, reducing the risk of pump-and-dump price action. This is further strengthened by its community-centric tokenomics. 

For instance, 70% of the token supply has been explicitly reserved for the investors – 30% for the presale and 20% each for staking and community rewards. The remaining 30% will be allocated to the token liquidity and marketing. 

Several new meme coins such as $DJT have their developer teams holding over 50% of their tokens supply. In comparison, WienerAI makes no separate allocation for the team or any private sale. 

This further contributes to the project’s already impressive fundamentals and is one of the key factors behind its demand. It has also resulted in several smart-money traders backing it as the next 100x meme coin. 

Interested buyers looking to buy $WAI early at its presale discount price can head to the WienerAI website and use the over-the-counter widget. They can buy the meme coin on Ethereum or the BNB Smart Chain – however, only ETH buyers will be able to take advantage of the presale staking rewards. 

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