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Ahead of Schedule by Two Months, BlockDAG Releases X1 Miner on App Store; Plus, Latest on Litecoin and Pepe Prices


Litecoin’s active addresses have surged, indicating a strong network engagement. Meanwhile, the fluctuating prices of PEPE also demonstrate significant market movements. Amid these developments, BlockDAG introduces its pioneering X1 mining app on the App Store, advancing its timeline by two months. This strategic move has elevated BlockDAG’s presale revenue to $57.1 million and mining sales to $3.6 million, establishing it as the top cryptocurrency for mining. With mining already possible on Devnet, the platform presents unique opportunities for early adopters to leverage potential profits.

Litecoin’s Network Activity Increases

This month, the Litecoin blockchain has experienced a remarkable increase in activity. According to blockchain analytics firm Santiment, the count of active Litecoin addresses has more than doubled recently, climbing from 345,000 in May to over 700,000 now. This spike in Litecoin active addresses suggests a significant increase in transactions and engagements within the network.

The rise in Litecoin active addresses is more than a numerical increase—it reflects wider participation throughout the network. Notably, Litecoin’s active addresses now exceed those of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This expansion in Litecoin active addresses highlights its sustained significance and innovation in the cryptocurrency realm. 

PEPE Price Trends: A Glimpse into Market Movements

The PEPE price has recently drawn market attention with a significant increase of 11.60% in less than 72 hours, showing strong bullish trends among mixed market indicators. The latest data shows that the PEPE price has risen by 2.56% in the past 24 hours, reaching $0.0000116 as per CoinMarketCap.

Market analyses suggest that the recent uptick in PEPE prices is linked to major liquidation events. Historical data suggests that when these factors converge, PEPE prices tend to spike, offering a cautiously optimistic forecast for its immediate future.

Revolutionizing Crypto Mining: BlockDAG’s X1 Miner App Launches

BlockDAG has transformed the crypto mining landscape by releasing its X1 mobile mining app in the Apple App Store. This launch has pushed miner sales to $3.6 million and boosted the presale to an impressive $57.1 million. The X1 ranks as one of the top crypto mining apps, featuring a user-friendly interface and robust security directly from a smartphone.

The X1 app allows miners to mine from anywhere at any time, doing away with the need for large, power-hungry home setups. The registration process is simple, letting users mine up to 20 BDAG coins daily. This accessibility makes mining a more eco-friendly and convenient option in the cryptocurrency world.

Moreover, the app’s referral program significantly enhances mining rates by encouraging new user participation. This not only increases individual earnings but also expands the mining community, boosting the network’s overall capacity and efficiency.

BlockDAG’s strategy doesn’t just end at mobile access; it guarantees that all mining starts on the Devnet, with plans to move to the testnet and eventually the Mainnet. This setup allows miners to track their progress and watch their holdings grow in real-time. With these exciting developments, engaging with the X1 app now could be a smart decision for those looking to gain early mining advantages and see their investments flourish as BlockDAG remains at the forefront of the crypto mining industry. 

Embrace the Future of Mining with BlockDAG

While the fluctuations in Litecoin’s active addresses and PEPE prices illustrate the unstable nature of the crypto market, BlockDAG offers a more promising prospect. By introducing the X1 app and initiating mining two months ahead of schedule, BlockDAG has accelerated its roadmap and confirmed its position as the premier cryptocurrency to mine. With the presale already amassing $57.1 million and mining sales climbing to $3.6 million, now is the perfect time for proactive investors to explore BlockDAG’s potential for substantial returns.

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