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Solciety Price Prediction – Is This The Next 100x Memecoin Presale?

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Whether it be crypto or social media, popular memes often end up attracting thousands, if not millions, of followers. The newly introduced Solciety project aims to capture the attention of this exact audience, and with its presale success, it seems to be working.

With a bizarre but trending concept and a growing community, the project seems poised for massive gains post-launch. This has left investors wondering if the token may be a good investment to consider right now.

Solciety Aims to be the Biggest PolitiFi Sensation

The concept of Solciety is humorous and tongue-in-cheek. The project features several popular politicians as part of its overarching theme, along with meme mascots like Pepe and Doge. Its take on revealing the shady political system and the pain of inflation on retail investors is what provides character to the project’s design. 

The project claims that it aims to provide investors with the power of memes, which can help them grab attention—something the developers claim is the only real currency in the world at the moment.

Audited by SolidProof, the project launched its presale for the native token SLCTY some time ago and has quickly managed to raise $800k since. It has been covered by top media channels, which claim that its Meme Campaigner program could be a major reason for its success. 

The idea behind the Meme Campaigner is simple: investors park funds into the project and then use its meme-maker to create memes about ongoing political situations and share them. For each viral meme, investors may be able to win serious rewards depending on the points they gather, making for a fun way of propagating the project while also sending their messages to social media users.

The project’s developers believe that with an AR and AI-enabled ecosystem in the works, where memes could be materialized in a more immersive manner, the project could become one of the biggest PolitiFi projects.

Solciety Price Prediction – Will it Pump Post Launch?

At the time of writing, Solciety’s SLCTY token is in its presale phase, priced at just $0.002289 per token. This means that investors will have a much higher scope of growth in the long run. Considering the popularity it has been enjoying, along with analysis by some experts, this could be how the price of SLCTY may move in the coming months.

Q3 2024

With conferences, debates, and a general social media craze surrounding the upcoming elections at an all-time high, it is very likely that the project may see a substantial rise in value by the end of Q3. 

This, combined with post-launch gains, may result in presale investors being highly profitable already. Even those who get into the project afterward may be able to enjoy some profits, with the price likely to range around the $0.012 level by the end of Q3.

Q4 2024

With the US presidential elections due in November, Q4 may end up being the biggest and most profitable season for the project, as the number of memes created and shared is likely to be at an all-time high during that period. 

Every user will be busy creating their own set of propaganda memes, as the project suggests, which could result in an increase in the price of the SLCTY token too. If the markets remain stable at this time, then it may be likely to see the price of the token rise to about $0.023 by the end of 2024.


Post-elections, there may be fewer chances for the project to quickly pick up value again, so a correction may be imminent. However, this could turn out to be a great accumulation phase for the SLCTY token. 

The price of the project may see an eventual rise though, since the developers have already mentioned introducing AR and AI elements to the project. If these developments go as planned, then we may be able to see Solciety rise to the $0.15 range by the end of 2025, or even further if the community manages to keep growing throughout the year.

Pepe Unchained: Next 100x Memecoin Presale?

Memes are surely appreciated, but one issue with Solciety may be that it is too speculative. The project also majorly banks on elections as its primary mode of communicating with the audience, which shall only trend for a couple of months more. 

This could be why a huge chunk of memecoin enthusiasts seems to bank on Pepe Unchained, dubbing it the best Pepe-themed memecoin to buy right now.

The project has been launched with a theme where Pepe, the popular crypto mascot, has been shown as old and shackled. As per the project storyline, Pepe breaks this shackle to rise as a high-potential, enhanced version, which is Pepe Unchained. Its social media channels on Telegram and Twitter have been aggressively promoting it, which seems to have been embraced by the memecoin community.

By leveraging cutting-edge Layer 2 technology, Pepe Unchained promises to offer a more efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly trading experience. With it, transactions on the Ethereum chain could be sped up by over 100 times faster.

The project also boasts significantly lower fees and higher volume capacity, directly addressing the critical pain points that have plagued many Ethereum-based projects. 

The new meme coin presale has already been endorsed by some of the most popular YouTubers in the crypto space, including 99Bitcoins, a leading crypto education channel with over 705k subscribers. 

Pepe Unchained’s PEPU token has already raised more than $3 million in its presale and could very well make it to the top gainers in the memecoin category very soon.

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