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Worldcoin Introduces a New Standard in Biometric Data Protection

Worldcoin Foundation has recently made a significant announcement: the migration to a new open-source system designed to improve the protection of users' biometric data, in particular iris codes. This change is welcomed with interest and some skepticism, as the protection of personal data is a matter of growing importance in today's digital world. […]




Why is Bitcoin rising? Analysis of the crypto price

Today Bitcoin is recording a growth of 1.7%, bringing the prices of the largest crypto asset above $66,000, increasing the chances of a continuation of the bull market: but why is BTC rising today? What are the reasons favoring the emergence of bulls over bears? Let's analyze the situation together. […]



Dolce & Gabbana under fire: 97% losses on their metaverse NFTs

Dolce & Gabbana has been sued by a dissatisfied customer for mishandling the delivery of his NFT clothing in the Metaverse.

Crypto and blockchain games: what is it and how does Immutable’s Web3 infrastructure work?

Immutable is a web3 development platform born in 2018, focused on supporting and growing the crypto gaming sector.

The Voice on Sandbox: the gaming experience in the metaverse follows the television format

Fans can play with season 25 currently airing on NBC and win prizes like 15,000 SAND.

Unstoppable Domains collaborates with Women in Tech: new web3 domain sponsored by President Macron

The partnership supports educational initiatives on blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Galaxis receives $10 million in funding: NFTs for real value in the digital world

The platform collaborates with DJ Steve Aoki and actor Val Kilmer for new collections.


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