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Investors still optimistic about Nasdaq and S&P 500

The 2023 uptrend may not have stopped yet, especially for the Nasdaq

Bitcoin, Nasdaq and S&P 500, correlation pending CPI and Mid Term

Bitcoin is currently less volatile than the two US indexes

Tesla sells BTC but the crypto outperforms the S&P 500

We recently learned about why the price of BTC has been affected by heavy selling

eToro: Royal Mail beats 498 S&P 500 stocks

The third best performing stock of the past 12 months

The correlation between gold, Bitcoin, and S&P 500

A chart by Santiment shows the trend of the three assets

Stocks of 19 crypto companies outperformed the S&P 500

A basket of assets that returned more than three times the return of the traditional stock market this 2021

The correlation between Bitcoin and S&P 500 gets stronger

For the third consecutive day, the red sign prevails

Coinbase: correlation between the bitcoin price and the S&P 500 is temporary

Throughout history, this relatedness has oscillated several times between lows and highs, sometimes even completely inverted

Bitcoin and the S&P 500: correlation and disappointment

The strong downward movement of the stock market today unveils a completely new side to the cryptocurrency sector

Bitcoin: outperforming the Nasdaq and the S&P500 since August 2020

Bitcoin is increasingly confirming itself over time as an extremely solid and mature asset

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