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Crypto news: the judge approves the agreement between BlockFi and 3AC

A significant move in the blockchain sector with judicial consensus

3AC liquidator gains access to bankrupt company’s funds

He will now be able to take possession of more funds in hopes of returning something to creditors

3AC co-founder requests $5 million

He turns out to be among the creditors of the failed fund, along with the investment manager loses $270 million with 3AC

However, it appears to have sufficient equity to meet the loss

Story of the 3AC fund failure

The difficulties faced in this crypto winter

False information allegations for 3AC

The 3AC fund is about to be liquidated, and the avalanche of negative news doesn't end

3AC: court declares bankruptcy of crypto fund

The crypto market crash punishes the Three Arrows Capital fund

Voyager LLC declares default by Three Arrows Capital (3AC)

Difficulties in the crypto market also hit hedge fund 3AC

The 3AC crypto fund is losing millions

It has already lost 400, and could lose hundreds more

The surge of the WLD token from Worldcoin

In the frenetic world of cryptocurrencies, where volatility is the norm and fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye, Worldcoin's WLD token has emerged as a focal point of attention. With its recent meteoric rise, the token has sparked excitement and concern among investors, particularly those […]

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