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Sales of Donald Trump’s Non-Fungible Tokens are up 251%.

NFTs of former president see surge after grand jury hearing

Forbes: 51% of Bitcoin trading volumes on cryptocurrency exchanges are fake

The analysis was conducted on 157 cryptocurrency exchanges

Ethereum, inflation rate down to 0.51%.

Massive boom for NFTs and layer-2 DeFi protocols

Bitcoin SV targeted by a 51% attack

A deep reorg of the chain was carried out yesterday, but now the problem seems to have receded

Verge suffered a 51% attack

This has now been resolved, but the risk of further attacks of this type remains

Cardano helps Ethereum Classic against 51% attacks

A new client developed with the help of the IOHK Foundation

Cardano supporting ETC on the 51% problem

IOHK and ETC Cooperative carried out a joint analysis to identify the best solutions to reduce the risks of 51% attacks against Ethereum Classic

Third 51% attack against Ethereum Classic

This month hasn't been too good for the fork of the ETH blockchain

Bitcoin Gold: the longest 51% attack in history

The crypto is losing over $0.30 and is trading at $9.71, located at position 56 of CoinMarketCap

51% attack resistance: explanation of existing solutions

The attitude towards cryptocurrencies is still ambiguous nowadays, but blockchain is considered to be one of the most breakthrough IT discoveries of the last decade

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