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Blockchain Cruise 2019: new speakers announced

Coinsbank revealed a few other important names for the event

John McAfee in the new edition of Blockchain Cruise 2019

Once again the crypto influencer will be the protagonist of this event.

Blockchain Cruise photos from the event with McAfee, Ver & Co

Today, September 11th, the Blockchain Cruise comes to an end.

Blockchain Cruise event, on stage: Ver, McAfee and Pierce

Today is the day of the speeches. A summary of all the key notes from the stage of the crypto cruise ship

The Blockchain Cruise 2018 takes off from Barcelona

Tomorrow, 2500 participants and personalities of the calibre of John McAfee, Roger Ver, Tone Vays, Charlie Lee and Giacomo Zucco will sail on the ship. Cryptonomist media partner of the event

Blockchain Cruise announces its crypto debates

Roger Ver and Jimmy Song to Hash Out Their ‘Bitcoin’ Differences

McAfee to give speech at the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise

Cryptonomist is a media partner of this new crypto event with Roger Ver and other important guests

The Future is Now: the Youtube series at the Malta Blockchain Summit

Episode 8 was dedicated to the event that took place during the second edition of May 2019.

COTI blockchain, “we’ve built the fastest and most scalable platform”

Cryptonomist interviewed Guy Klajman, who is working on a project that won the 1st place in the Google Tel Aviv Digital Conference 2018

Coinsbank Cruise sets sail with McAfee at the piano

First day on the Blockchain Cruise organized by Coinsbank that sailed today from Barcelona and will reach the ports of Ibiza and Montecarlo.

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