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Crypto news: Celsius emerges from bankruptcy and begins to pay its creditors

The 98% of Celsius creditors have approved the funds recovery plan after several meetings with the bankruptcy court.

Crypto news at Celsius home: the platform asks its users to return the money

The interested parties will have to pay 27.5% of the amount withdrawn.

Celsius sells Ethereum in staking

He does it to finance renovation expenses, and to be able to have ETH to distribute to creditors.

News at Celsius: exit from bankruptcy sees company’s involvement in Bitcoin mining business

The new company will also be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange

Celsius to restart crypto mining

The company, which went bankrupt last year, is reportedly ready to reopen with a new business.

Celsius will pay back two billion in crypto

The plan has to be approved by the judge, but it seems likely that it will be.

The recovery of several million dollars and the latest crypto news from FTX and Celsius

The latest news from the failed exchange FTX

Bankruptcy over for crypto lender Celsius Network?

If judge approves settlements, they could return funds to all customers

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