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Switzerland: Crypto Valley does a “major reset” of its rules

The need stems from "unfortunate" industry events such as the collapse of FTX

Crypto Valley Conference Adds Binance, Ethereum, Cardano, Swiss National Bank and More To 2021 Lineup

The conference returns this October with an NFT-focused stage featuring live performances and a live NFT auction, coupled with an unmissable agenda

Crypto Valley: the 2021 report on blockchain projects in Switzerland

The study "Swiss Digital Asset and Wealth Management Report 2021" was published yesterday

Digital asset protection guidelines of the Crypto Valley Association

CVA's cybersecurity group has developed new standards that will be presented at a special online event

Crypto Valley: the crisis hit 90% of blockchain companies in Switzerland

Vice-President of the Swiss Blockchain Federation expresses his concerns about the difficulties the industry is experiencing during this pandemic

Crypto Valley’s top 50 companies are worth $25 billion

Ethereum is the one worth the most, and there's also Libra among the unicorns

Crypto Valley: blockchain companies worth $40 billion

There are now more than 800 companies operating in the cryptocurrency sector in Switzerland, including six unicorns based in Zug.

Eidoo at Consensus NY 2019 together with the Crypto Valley

Eidoo is happy to inform that our team will attend the Consensus event 2019 in New York in partnership with the Crypto Valley Association...

The top 50 blockchain companies in the Crypto Valley

Switzerland's largest companies in the sector that successfully tackled the "Crypto winter" were presented at the WEF in Davos

Swiss Crypto Valley tests voting on the blockchain

Residents of Zug will use the distributed ledger for voting to verify the possibility of the method in real life

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