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Donald Trump: “sometimes I will let people pay with Bitcoin”

For the former President of the USA, BTC is a form of additional currency.

The crypto wallet of Donald Trump reaches 7.5 million dollars

Powered mainly by the lightning-fast rise of MAGA and ETH.

Donald Trump and the boom of his crypto wallet: reached $5 million

The crypto assets of Trump reach 5 million dollars.

Donald Trump signals a potential change in Bitcoin regulation: What does it mean?

With a surprising twist, former US President Donald Trump seems to have softened his stance on crypto regulation, particularly on Bitcoin. Known for openly criticizing digital currencies in the past, Trump has recently made comments suggesting that Bitcoin has evolved into a force that may require […]

Donald Trump: there are those who bet on crypto memes and NFTs before the presidential elections

Mechanism Capital believes in capitalizing on the buzz surrounding the candidate.

For Donald Trump, AI and CBDC are dangerous

He explicitly said it during an interview in which he claims that there are no solutions.

Donald Trump earns 1 million dollars with the memecoin that bears his name

In these days, the story of the memecoin $TRUMP, which made Donald Trump earn $1 million, is going viral.

Donald Trump: “I will never allow Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the USA”

Donald Trump has sworn to hinder the establishment of a CBDC.

Donald Trump launches the new NFT collection “Mugshot Edition”

The new collectible cards can be purchased using a credit card or Wrapped Ether (wETH).

Sales of Donald Trump’s Non-Fungible Tokens are up 251%.

NFTs of former president see surge after grand jury hearing

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