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GoDaddy chooses Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to connect domains and Web3 addresses

The new feature does not involve any transaction costs.

The privacy of the Ethereum Name Service has been violated

Many transactions belonging to both known and unknown persons have been discovered using only public and easily available information

The Ethereum Name Service of Vitalik on Twitter

The co-founder of the ETH blockchain replaces the name of his social profile with his ENS to promote its use

Ethereum Name Service is now multi-coin with 15 new wallets

The ENS functionality was launched today on the mainnet

Tor: the .onion domain on Ethereum Name Service

The domain will be available on the blockchain of Vitalik Buterin

Kraken announces a new institutional crypto custody service to compete with Coinbase

Kraken has officially announced an institutional crypto custody service, to challenge Coinbase's absolute dominance.

Crypto Remote Procedure Call Interface: in-depth analysis of Ethereum RPC nodes

In this article we delve into the topic of RPC nodes, which are infrastructures that offer a "Remote Procedure Call" crypto interface.

Crypto Expert Foresees 40% Surge in Solana; Ethereum Whales Eye InQubeta Presale

Cryptocurrency expert predicts 40 percent surge for Solana; Ethereum whales watch InQubeta presale. All details in the article.

The Metamask wallet introduces the “Validator Staking” service, which allows Ethereum users to stake ether by running their own validator directly in the Portfolio...

Non-custodial service provider Metamask has introduced a very interesting feature within its wallet called "Validator Staking" aimed at users of the Ethereum blockchain. This is a service that allows staking of ether directly on the Portfolio section of Metamask, running their own validator node that will be managed directly by Consensys. […]

The ENS crypto is soaring in the market thanks to the support of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin

As a natural response of the cryptocurrency market, ENS has experienced an unexpected pump of approximately 50%.

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