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Movement Labs led by Polychain Labs secures $38 million in Series A funding to bring Facebook’s Move to Ethereum

Polychain guides a funding round to integrate Facebook's Move Virtual Machine onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum: $10 billion in revenue achieved faster than Facebook and Microsoft

The smart contract crypto outpaces the biggest software companies

The new token scam from X (formerly Twitter) is also published on Facebook

Scam promises astronomical returns through pre-sale of non-existent token

Facebook (Meta) loses $13.7 billion for investing in the Metaverse

Nonetheless, the metaverse will now by all accounts be the agora of the future

Google, Facebook and Amazon among the most searched stocks

The most popular Growth stocks on the Web

Netflix and Meta (Facebook) stocks: quarterly performance

In anticipation of the Q3 quarterly reports due on 26 and 27 October, there is good news for now

Meta has enabled NFTs for Facebook and Instagram users in the U.S.

Non-Fungible Tokens now available on social networks

Meta enables NFT sharing on Facebook and Instagram

NFTs open up to a user base of more than 3 billion

Facebook ex: PoW is a huge resource for energy companies

Could help renewable energy companies avoid wasting excess electricity generated

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