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Jed McCaleb sells all of his XRP

Former co-founder of Ripple finally empties his entire wallet

Jed McCaleb still holds 96 million Ripple (XRP)

Co-founder and former CTO sells XRP on a predetermined schedule

Ripple: Co-founder Jed McCaleb sold 150 million XRP

Ripple's co-founder continues to receive XRP from the company and liquidate almost all of it on a regular basis

Soroban: the integration on Stellar and the future of smart contracts

Fondo di adozione da $100 milioni per Soroban: un sostegno al suo sviluppo

Binance freezes the stolen XRP from a hack on the founder of Ripple

A portion of the funds stolen from Chris Larsen has been identified and frozen.

The banks’ favorite crypto: what is Ripple (XRP) and how does it work?

Despite its robustness, the SEC has been giving Ripple exponents a hard time in recent years

All the crypto exchange hacks: a total of $3.45 billion stolen since 2012

Institutional investors, seeing the frightening figure, are looking for more secure solutions

Bitcoin value falls below $30,000: suspicious movements associated with Mt. Gox exchange

Thousands of BTC associated with Mt. Gox reportedly dormant for 10 years

Latest crypto news and performance for Celsius (CEL) and Stellar (XLM)

An overview of the most recent performance of the CEL and XLM tokens

Blockchains compatible with ISO 20022

Not many blockchains are compatible with the world's leading standard for financial data

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