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Trevor Jones: how he started with NFT and that time he missed the chance of meeting John McAfee

The Cryptonomist interviewed the famous crypto artist during his Castle Party 2023

John McAfee’s death, investigation not concluded

A mystery remains about the alleged suicide of the cryptocurrency influencer

John McAfee, a book and a film about his life coming soon

"No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes" by Mark Eglinton will be released on 28 December

John McAfee, from birthday to death

The crypto influencer would have celebrated his 76th birthday a few days ago

Doubts about the suicide death of John McAfee

His wife Janice claims that the suicide note found in his pocket is not genuine, but a fake

John McAfee, farewell to the antivirus king devoted to Bitcoin

The crypto influencer died in prison

John McAfee: suicide in prison confirmed

A few days ago, McAfee had written on social networks that he no longer held any cryptocurrency

John McAfee no longer has cryptocurrencies

He claims that all those not seized from him have been "dissolved"

Elon Musk, John McAfee and the manipulation of Bitcoin and Dogecoin: can tweets alter the value of an asset?

The "CEO of Dogecoin " buys BTC, calls it a scam and then decides to send it to Mars

John McAfee: “The US government is using me as a scapegoat against crypto”

The famous influencer and creator of the antivirus program has been in prison in Spain for almost six months now.

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