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KyberDAO: first proposal put to the vote

The first vote on the new Kyber protocol governance platform has started, with almost 20% of KNC tokens staked in order to participate

KyberDAO launches the staking of KNC tokens

The update of the Katalyst protocol that enables staking and voting for governance has been introduced on the mainnet

Kyber Network: partnership with ParaFi Capital for liquidity

ParaFi Capital has invested in Kyber Network Crystal and is preparing to make its contribution to the further evolution of the project into a DAO

The future of DeFi with Aave, Ava and Kyber Network

"DeFi: What does the future hold?" is the title of the panel held during the BlockDown online conference

pBTC from pTokens arrive on Kyber Network

A whale has just created 10 pBTC bringing the total supply to over $100,000 just over a month after birth

Kyber Network: exclusive interview with CEO Loi Luu

The Cryptonomist had the chance to talk with the co-founder of the DeFi project

Kyber Network

Kyber Swap is the decentralized exchange within Kyber Network, which is the platform where it is "physically" possible to exchange and transfer tokens from one wallet to another.

Kyber developers have recently added a feature that is already widespread in traditional trading platforms.  It's the "Limit Order"; thanks to which it is possible to preset an automatic buy or sell order, simply choosing a limit level on which to execute the order.

The difference with traditional trading platforms is that this process can be triggered without the need to deposit funds beforehand. All it takes is connecting the wallet to Kyber Swap and setting the Limit Order, after which if the order conditions are met, it will be triggered automatically.

KyberSwap announces ENS support for the Ethereum blockchain

A solution for simplifying addresses

EXODUS 1, HTC will offer ERC20 token swap through Kyber Network (KNC)

The Taiwanese company adds the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies within EXODUS 1 without having to resort to third-party exchanges

BitVM-Based Bitlayer, a Leading Bitcoin L2, Nets $5M in Funding, Unveils $50M ‘Ready Player One’ Program

Singapore, Singapore, April 3rd, 2024, ChainwireBitlayer Labs, the first Bitcoin Layer 2 solution based on BitVM, announced a seed round of $5M led by...

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