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In Naples, the fast food that embraces Shiba-Inu

That's a real partnership announced by a major developer of ShibArmy

Italy, Naples: pizza at Sorbillo’s is paid for in bitcoin

The famous Neapolitan pizzeria accepts BTC payments thanks to the initiatives of the Municipality

Naples: a thesis on blockchain wins the prize of the Municipality

The title is "Analysis and implementation of a discount token on the Consortium blockchain".

Naples to host a Hackathon on eVoting

Interesting projects related to the use of blockchain technology in the local economy have arisen from the "Insert law to continue" conference

Naples: the presentation of the blockchain-based eVoting system

Next Friday, September 13th, the Neapolitan municipality will demonstrate the operation of the platform

Naples: voting goes on the blockchain

The project is in its final stages

Naples: the blockchain association tests the token

The Mayor of the city met the team made up of university students, computer scientists and researchers

Luigi de Magistris, “Here’s how the Naples token works”

The capital of Campania is at the forefront with innovative initiatives related to administrative services and commercial activities

Naples and Blockchain: crypto accepted in 40 stores

The blockchain initiative of the City of Naples has long been talked about and it seems that already by the end of 2018 the...

Felice Balsamo, “parking in Naples will be paid for in crypto”

A few days before the event 'Napoli blockchain city: tradition and innovation', Cryptonomist interviewed the promoter of the local study group

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