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Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) acquired by First Citizen with $20 billion bankruptcy cost

The estimate and announcement comes from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) of the US government

BlockFi transfers $236 million from Silicon Valley Bank

The transaction was initiated at the insistence of the US Office of the Trustee

The USDC stablecoin asks the Fed for help after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank

Circle's request stems from the belief that such support would provide greater stability and security for the company and its customers

Following the closure of Silicon Valley Bank, the most affected is the USD Coin (USDC) stablecoin

Cryptocurrencies seem to have resisted exceptionally well the closure of Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank crisis: what happened?

The affair may have triggered a panic crisis similar to that of 2008

HSBC ready to buy Silicon Valley Bank, while Coinbase holds $240 million in Signature Bank

An overview of the most important facts that have been happening since SVB's collapse

The bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank: what happened

This article will go into detail about the reasons that prompted a bank of such great value to close its doors

Silicon Valley Bank: the collapse of SVB and crypto experts’ views on it

Silicon Valley bank collapse sparks controversy and concern: details

Traditional Banks vs Bitcoin Wallets: Who Should You Trust?

Lately, it seems like the news is packed with stories about falling bank shares and central banks bailing out financial institutions in the wake of rising interest rates.

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