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A look at the upcoming crypto airdrops on the horizon: zkSync is very close!

The first months of 2024 have been very satisfying for crypto airdrop hunters, who have celebrated several launches.

The DEX Drift is preparing for a major crypto airdrop: 100 million tokens for Solana users

The crypto DEX Drift on Solana is preparing to distribute its governance token $DRIFT with 100 million tokens in an airdrop.

The transition of Solana DEX to the airdrop: distribution of 100 million tokens

MetaDAO: an unexpected turning point in the world of decentralized finance

NFT: the STEPN Move-and-Earn project on Solana announces a $30 million airdrop

STEPN, the NFT application for the "move and earn" lifestyle on Solana, has presented its most ambitious airdrop to date.

Satoshi Protocol: First CDP on Bitcoin Layer2, 500k OSHI Airdrop with Binance wallet and BEVM

Singapore, Singapore, April 10th, 2024, ChainwireOn April 4th, Binance Web3 Wallet joined forces with BEVM, a leading Bitcoin Layer2, and its ecosystem project, Satoshi...

The next airdrop opportunities in the world of crypto restaking: here are the best

Let's explore new earning opportunities in the Ethereum restaking sector.

Solana Meme Coin Watch – New Plerf Token Explodes, Smog Airdrop, Slothana Presale

Meme coins on Solana keep surging. The last ones to explode are Plerf, Smog, and Slothana.

Ethena Protocol announces the airdrop of the ENA token: check now if you are eligible

Ethena has announced the airdrop of its governance token $ENA.

The rise of airdrop points in new cryptographic projects: the background of an ambiguous incentive practice

In the recent period, among the emerging projects, the practice of launching reward campaigns through "airdrop points" is exploding.

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