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NFT: Akon launches AkoinNFT

The Akoin team has partnered with an NFT platform to create a complete new ecosystem for artists

US elections, Akon chief strategist for Brock Pierce

The rapper joins the team of the independent candidate

Akon brings healthcare to Rwanda

Thanks to a collaboration with Jeev, the Akoin token will be used for medical services

Akon chooses EOS and

One of the most interesting features is the possibility to create public chats dedicated to a specific topic or project

Akoin: new information about Akon’s cryptocurrency

During an online event of a few days ago, the founder of the project explained his intentions and goals

Miami Devcon: a new event with Akon and Tim Draper

Participants will have the opportunity to stay informed on the latest happenings in the tech world and work towards solutions for the greater good

Akon chooses the Stellar blockchain and launches Akoin

The world-renowned singer wants to make his utility token the reference point of the crypto world for developing countries

Akon to speak at Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit

Grammy-winning artist bringing his vision for Africa to November summit

KodakOne: unpaid invoices for developers amounting to more than $100K

The Kodak ICO does not pay contractors and staff, and receives threats of legal action

Akon launches AKoin Token for Dakar

The artist and entrepreneur, known for songs like "Smack That" and "Lonely", decided to create the AKoin token to help his hometown, the capital of Senegal.

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