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Crypto news from Argentina: President Milei’s decision on dollarization in 2024

The economic implications of Milei's decision: what does it mean for Argentina?

Argentina postpones crypto tax exemption

A new law that they wanted to approve with an exemption on the first $100,000 has been postponed.

The bill of Argentina to regulate undeclared cryptocurrencies

The president of Argentina is ready to regulate the crypto sector.

Argentina: the pro-crypto country makes contracts made with Bitcoin legal.

The South American country is going through a period of economic transformation.

The analysis by 21Shares regarding Bitcoin’s enthusiasm in the face of Milei’s presidency in Argentina

Recently, 21Shares explained the reasons behind the positive reception of Bitcoin towards the election of Javier Milei as president of Argentina.  Let's see below all...

Bitcoin’s price on the rise: near all-time high in Argentina after Javier Milei’s victory

How the election victory in Argentina is affecting the value of Bitcoin in the country

Good news for cryptos from Argentina

In about a month's time, we will find out whether Argentina will proceed with the replacement of its national currency.

High inflation in Argentina leads people to increasingly consider a stablecoin-based economy

The Argentine peso has lost about 60% of its value in one year

Bitcoin: good news from Argentina

The pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate won the primaries held yesterday

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