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Digital tokens and real economy: Bitfinex revolutionizes the real estate market in El Salvador

Two months ago, Bitfinex Securities obtained the "Digital Assets" license in El Salvador for the issuance of securities represented by tokens.

Bitfinex Derivatives introduce perpetual futures for Bitcoin and Ether implied volatility indices

Innovative resources for investors: exploring the implied volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The impact of the halving according to Bitfinex: how Bitcoin miners affect the price drop

The impact of the imminent halving according to Bitfinex: how do Bitcoin miners affect the drop in the price of the crypto?

LIF3 announces its recent listing on Bitfinex

$LIF3, an innovative and comprehensive DeFi Layer-1 Curated Blockchain omnidirectional ecosystem, announces its recent listing on Bitfinex.

Failed attempt to hack Bitfinex: $15 billion worth of Ripple (XRP) tokens mobilized

The idea of the attack was to try to convince Bitfinex's security systems to accept a fictitious transfer.

The world’s first token microcredit bond is successfully announced by Bitfinex Securities.

Bitfinex Securities announces the success of the $5.2 million fundraising through the world's first microcredit token bond. Facilitated by ALTERNATIVE, a securitization fund based in Luxembourg managed by Mikro Kapital, this historic achievement heralds a new era in the convergence of traditional finance and blockchain technology. Bitfinex Securities raises […]

Crypto news: Tether and Bitfinex’s transparent move

This crucial decision reflects their unwavering commitment to transparency

The Bitfinex exchange and Zodia Custody integrate to improve security and compliance of crypto assets for institutional clients

This strategic integration is set to transform the landscape for institutional clients

Bitfinex: the crypto-exchange has started its Financial Freedom Tour

Aiming to educate about Bitcoin and Blockchain, first stop is Turkey

Tether moved 139 million USDT to Bitfinex

Shortly after, Bitfinex moved the same amount to Tether Treasury: what happened?

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