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BitGrail: the founder is involved in the scam

The sole CEO of the company that managed the Italian exchange accused of having something to do with the theft and subsequent bankruptcy

Bitgrail, the Italian Mt Gox, bankrupted after the hack

On February 9, 2018, the platform had announced the "disappearance" of 17 million Nano

Accusations against Nano devs for the BitGrail hack have been rejected

A New York judge rejected investors' accusations against developers for having "negligently misrepresented" the reliability of the Italian exchange BitGrail

BTC in Bitgrail wallets seized

The Court of Florence orders the seizure of all the wallets. Discontent increases for former customers of the website

Crypto hacks: the 10-year history of billion-dollar attacks on cryptocurrencies

A report has delved into the topic and ranked the top 10 crypto-exchanges that have been robbed

Bitcoin seized from The Rock Trading crypto exchange, the Italian FTX

Prosecutors claim to have seized something, but it is not known exactly what

A list of the most important hacks in crypto history

It is recommended not to leave funds on exchanges, especially centralized ones, as they are increasingly targeted by hacker attacks

A look at hacked exchange and their bugs

A research by Spirent C. identifies weaknesses and missing protections. Just remember the recent cases of Coincheck, Bitgrail and Bithumb or the older ones like MtGox and Bitstamp

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