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Latest updates from Bitcoin spot ETFs: BlackRock appoints new AP

BlackRock has added Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, UBS, Citadel Securities, and ABN AMRO as AP to its Bitcoin ETF IBIT.

BlackRock: possible an ETF on Ethereum even if ETH were a security

The world's largest asset manager does not stop and challenges the SEC.

News on price trends: outflows in Bitcoin ETFs and historic lows for BlackRock and Fidelity

Considerations on BlackRock and Fidelity: the impact on the market.

BlackRock is also launching into asset tokenization

The entrance of the world's largest asset manager into the crypto sector is now complete.

Blackrock news: the launch of the investment fund and SEC approval for the BUILD token

The Blackrock initiative: the BUIDL token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF exceeds 200,000 BTC

New absolute record for the daily trading volume on the stock exchange: almost 4 billion dollars.

BlackRock news: the financial giant invests in Bitcoin ETFs through Global Allocation

The incredible move by BlackRock in the world of Bitcoin.

The BlackRock ETF buys another 12,000 Bitcoin (BTC)

Maximum record for the number of BTC acquired daily by IBIT.

Great news for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF

Record of volumes, and overtaking at the doors of the historic Grayscale ETF.

Vertex on BlackRock’s institutional digital assets: Bitcoin ETF under the spotlight

BlackRock is at the center of the stage with its Institutional Digital Assets Summit.

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