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Binance delists its stablecoin BUSD

Binance launched its stablecoin BUSD (Binance USD) in 2019. However, it was not a stablecoin actually issued by the exchange, but issued by Paxos under...

Binance will discontinue support for BUSD stablecoin by 2024: regulatory concerns

The crypto exchange Binance responds to stringent regulations with a crucial decision

Coinbase will delist the BUSD stablecoin

Binance USD has lost more than half of its market capitalization in less than three and a half months

Stablecoin Tether (USDT) gains market cap at the expense of BUSD

CryptoCompare's new report highlights recent market performance of stablecoins

Crypto trust Paxos has stopped issuing BUSD by order of the SEC

The move follows the recent surge in demand for stablecoins

Binance will auto-convert the main stablecoins into BUSD

As stated, the goal is to improve liquidity efficiency within the platform

BUSD overtakes ADA and returns as seventh most capitalized cryptocurrency

Binance's stablecoin overtakes ADA in market capitalization and returns to being the seventh most capitalized cryptocurrency

Crypto sentiment: BUSD wins this week

The token with the best sentiment over the past seven days was a stablecoin

Binance: 2.4 billion BUSD in a year

The stablecoin of the exchange celebrates its first anniversary today

Binance: bitcoin crashes down to 1,800 BUSD

An incredible flash crash that lasted only 1 minute allowed someone to buy BTC at just 1,800 BUSD

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