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Federico Clapis: NFT quote risen to $200k. Now his focus is Nifty Gateway

Since he entered in the crypto world in 2017 by creating a partnership with the Swiss crypto company called Eidoo, the Italian artist certainly come a long way in the industry, especially since he decided to take his first steps with NFTs in 2020

Federico Clapis embraces digital art and NFTs

On Monday 6 September, Italian contemporary artist Federico Clapis sold his latest work for around 70,000 euros

Federico Clapis and the $70,000 NFTs

A type of art that circumvents the categories established by W. Benjamin

Federico Clapis on The Nemesis to talk about NFTs

The first interview in a series of videos on the topic of Non Fungible Tokens

From museums to NFTs: Federico Clapis enters crypto art

Each day the artist invites his online audience to write and share on social networks how much each work resonates with them

Eidoo patron of the statue “Crypto Connection” by Federico Clapis

London will host the first sculpture dedicated to crypto and officially commissioned by a startup of the blockchain industry

Flying From Milan To New York, Via The Metaverse And The World Of Nfts

Aboard La Compagnie, the presentation of the book dedicated to digital art "Crypto Art Begins" takes shape at high altitude and in the Metaverse

The Nemesis joins as a partner in the long-awaited second edition of Metaforum in Milan

This unmissable day will take place on 7 June at the evocative Palazzo delle Stelline

Metaforum: an event in Milan to talk about NFTs and Metaverse with Binance, Bitget, Elrond and many others

The conference will last an entire day and will be held at Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, a location surrounded by greenery to talk about crypto art, NFTs and more

Metaforum: an NFT exhibition in Milan on 7 June

The conference will last an entire day and will be held at Palazzo delle Stelline, a location surrounded by nature to talk about crypto art, non-fungible tokens and more

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