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Warren Buffett warns of “another pandemic,” predicting it could be “worse than COVID-19”

This statement of caution has left many pondering the implications and urgency of global readiness

Arrested a Russian man who mined crypto at a Covid-19 hospital

It happened at the hospital in Gorno-Altaisk, the capital of the Altai Republic in southern Siberia

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum co-founder donates USDC to fight Covid-19

$4 million for a tool to track the pandemic

Covid’s return will affect Tesla

Production in China slows down

Jeff Bezos: Covid-19 brought him $81.5 billion in earnings

Vittorio Sgarbi calls on the billionaire to pay restitution for closed businesses

Covid-19 boosts the creator economy

The other side of the pandemic

Facebook studies Covid-19 with Data for Good

The social network has made its data available to universities and research centers

Visa, Covid-19, and NFTs as an opportunity to recover from the crisis

Non-fungible tokens may soon represent a new form of commerce, especially in the sports and entertainment space

United States, aid for Covid 19 invested in cryptocurrencies

That is what emerges from the results of a survey conducted by CNBC

Australia: Bitcoin as a gift to those who vaccinate against Covid-19

An entrepreneur would offer the sum of $100 million in BTC to the total number of vaccinated Australians

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