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MetaMask: il portafoglio di criptovalute presenta un nuovo toolkit Web3 coinvolgente

New user experiences and the possibility for developers to create dApp.

The CEO di Kraken afferma che l’amministrazione Biden si sta “ammorbidendo” nei confronti delle criptovalute

Recently, the CEO of Kraken, Dave Ripley, offered an optimistic analysis of the Biden administration's stance towards crypto, stating that there is a clear softening compared to previous years. A change of perspective on crypto for Biden: the statements of Kraken CEO Ripley, in a recent interview, noted that the Biden administration has shown […]

The president of the SEC Gary Gensler denounces the disegno di legge sul mercato delle criptovalute before the voto della Camera

The president of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, has recently expressed strong criticism towards a cryptocurrency market bill that is awaiting a vote in the United States House of Representatives.  According to Gensler, the proposed law would exempt blockchains and cryptocurrencies from regulation as securities, the […]

Tornado Cash: no bail for Alexey Pertsev

He wanted at least to have access to the Internet to prepare the appeal request, but he didn't even get that.

Germany: sending from Bitcoin wallets to exchanges has ended

Their wallet went to zero, but some trolls started sending BTC with mocking messages.

Glassnode: insights and trends of the crypto market in the first half of 2024

CME Group e Glassnode hanno prodotto insieme per la prima volta il report sulla panoramica del mercato crypto nel primo semestre del 2024.

OKX chooses Malta as its European hub to comply with the EU’s MiCA crypto regulation

OKX chooses Malta as its main European hub to comply with the EU crypto regulation under the MiCA framework.

STEPN NFT: fitness that embraces digital identity with Web3 domains .stepn

STEPN, the move-to-earn app based on NFT, is about to launch branded Web3 domains .stepn.

The city of Santa Monica has opened a Bitcoin office

It is the second in the world after that of El Salvador.

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