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The president of the SEC Gary Gensler denounces the disegno di legge sul mercato delle criptovalute before the voto della Camera

The president of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gary Gensler, has recently expressed strong criticism towards a cryptocurrency market bill that is awaiting a vote in the United States House of Representatives.  According to Gensler, the proposed law would exempt blockchains and cryptocurrencies from regulation as securities, the […]

Macroeconomic policies and their impact on crypto regulation

Understanding macroeconomics is essential for crypto traders, as it influences the regulatory environment.

FTX: the bankruptcy of the crypto-exchange is a “second act of theft”

The victims file a petition to recover 8 billion dollars of confiscated assets.

The report of the Bitget exchange of May 2024: record capital inflows, new investments, and exponential growth

Appointment of the new CEO and more: a strategic leadership change.

Mark Cuban: “il Presidente della SEC contro le crypto potrebbe costare le elezioni a Joe Biden”

The billionaire investor believes that Gary Gensler is against young crypto holder voters.

Nigeria drops tax charges against Binance executives

A judicial case in progress: all the details

SEC: according to Gary Gensler, Ethereum ETFs will arrive by September

The president of the SEC seems to want to buy time, even though he does not rule out that the forecasts will be met.

Paradigm raccoglie 850 milioni di dollari per il terzo fondo crypto

Paradigm has announced the closing of an $850 million fund, intended for investments in crypto projects.

The decentralization exists only on Bitcoin for the CEO of Tether

Paolo Ardoino also stated that he is a fan of small blocks because they give anyone the opportunity to manage a node.

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