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MetaMask: il crypto wallet più utilizzato sta per aggiungere Bitcoin

The giant of the ETH ecosystem seems to have the intention to support BTC.

The crypto wallet MetaMask has announced an update for the Ethereum network

MetaMask has announced an important update called 'Smart Transactions' for the Ethereum network.

Crypto wallet: the number of active addresses has risen to over 400 million

The report on the spring of cryptocurrencies by Chainalysis reveals the new trends.

Kraken launches its own non-custodial crypto wallet

Open-source and without KYC, with a customer service always active.

Violation of data in El Salvador: the case of the Chivo crypto wallet

Leakage of the database with personal data of over 5 million Salvadorans.

It is possible to add the Coinbase layer-2 to the MetaMask crypto wallet

Base is one of the layer-2 solutions that is easy to add to one of the world's leading Ethereum wallets.

The alleged EU ban on crypto wallets

There has been a lot of confusion due to a partially true news that has been incorrectly interpreted by many.

The crypto wallet of Donald Trump reaches 7.5 million dollars

Powered mainly by the lightning-fast rise of MAGA and ETH.

Donald Trump and the boom of his crypto wallet: reached $5 million

The crypto assets of Trump reach 5 million dollars.

MetaMask has added security alerts to users’ crypto wallets

A default feature is coming that will make the use of the wallet even safer.

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