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Trezor: crypto hardware wallet adds Ethereum staking on Trezor Suite

The new function allows holders of 0.1 ETH to earn passive rewards.

Vitalik Buterin Teases Idea to Redesign Ethereum Staking, Binance Coin Dip Continues Following CEO Departure, Meme Moguls 100x Journey Begins

As November comes to a close, we will be providing you with an overview of the most recent and exciting developments.

Ethereum staking: Coinbase Cloud forges partnership with Kiln infrastructure to break the 32 ETH barrier

There are actually other alternative solutions for earning yield from one's ETH

Bitget Wallet makes Ethereum staking affordable and efficient: subsidy for zero gas fee

All the features of Bitget Wallet's new functionality

Ethereum staking: unlocking test coming soon

The actual unblocking of staked ETH could take place during 2023

Coinbase and Ethereum staking for institutional clients

The service will currently be offered to all those institutional clients with a 5% return

Ethereum staking: most ETH are locked and waiting for PoS

According to a Binance report, a lot of ETH are being staked

MetaMask launches the “Pooled Staking” service: liquid staking of Ethereum directly on the wallet begins

MetaMask has just launched a "pooled staking" service, which allows its users to lock Ethereum directly from the wallet.

Hong Kong potrebbe consentire lo staking per gli ETF spot su Ethereum già quest’anno

The panorama of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve rapidly, and Hong Kong could be at the forefront in adopting new features for financial products linked to digital assets like the spot ETF on Ethereum.  The president of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, recently stated that it would make sense for Hong Kong to introduce the staking function for […]

Fidelity revises the proposal of Ethereum ETF omitting the staking

Speculations on the potential approval of Ethereum ETFs are increasing

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