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New problems for Fulcrum

A bug that caused the protocol to pause

Fulcrum (bZx) is back with novelties

The project has announced big news

DeFi: what is Fulcrum and the differences with other projects

It is a platform for margin trading and lending

ETHDenver: MakerDAO, Fulcrum and the risks of DeFi

Through the words of Mario Conti, the company describes the decentralized finance of Ethereum today

Former Google engineer Korantin Auguste explains the attack on Fulcrum

The breach involved a vulnerability in the bZx protocol, called a "logical bug"

BigTime: the new crypto of blockchain and NFT-based fighting and adventure game

The game, powered by web3 provider "Openloot", launched its "pre-season" on October 10.

Cryptoverse island: A physical NFT art exhibition powered by

CryptoVerse Island and WISe.ART, a vetted NFT Marketplace powered by WISeKey International Holding Ltd

What to expect from the Ooki cryptocurrency?

A journey into the Ooki platform

Crédit Agricole Group concludes first investment in an Italian startup with BlockInvest

The innovative solution specialized in the "tokenization" of real assets through blockchain has closed a seed round of investment with one of the most important banking groups in Europe.

Digital Renaissance, Giovanni Motta meets Giuseppe Veneziano 

A Post-Raphaelite Fraternit.

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