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Hackatao arrives on the Sandbox metaverse with the NFT game “HACK the TAO”

The new story reimagined in Web3 aims to restore balance in the crypto realm.

Hackatao debuts on The Sandbox with the new surreal NFT game ‘Hack The Tao’

The visionary duo of artists present characters inspired by art and the crypto world.

Hackatao and Insigħt join forces to explore the world of NFTs.

Aleph-0, a creative fusion of Hackatao and Insigħt, has recently unveiled the convergence of art, mathematics, and quantum physics through NFTs.  Let's see below all...

Hackatao and partners launch Queens+Kings NFT for Pride month

These are 6900 gender-fluid avatars with individual and interchangeable traits

Hackatao lands in Korea with [SPIRIT FOREST] INCANTO

The artwork is interactive and combines the offline with the NFT world

NFT Magazine: all the benefits for holders, including Hackatao and Montemagno

This is the fourth drop for the online newspaper in form of Non Fungible Token

The NFT Magazine: today the drop of the magazine with the Hackatao cover

The presale is in progress and soon will be open the public sale on Opensea

The NFT Magazine: Hackatao will design the magazine’s front cover

Announced also the content to be collected on Ethereum: the first drop is scheduled for November 2 on OpenSea

NFT: crypto art supports Sardinia. Hackatao, Marras and Motta among the artists involved

For the first fundraising event, prestigious Italian and international contemporary artists have donated their work to show their solidarity with the island affected by the fires

Hackatao and Christie’s break records

Italy's most famous crypto artist duo and the world's most famous auction house sold over €11 million worth of artworks yesterday. And as we write, bidding continues on SuperRare...

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