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News: the Runes protocol dominates transactions during the fourth Bitcoin halving

Even Bitget Wallet responds to the growth of the Runes protocol by integrating it into its DApp browser.

BlockDAG Goes Viral Post-Bitcoin Halving With $19.8M In Presales; More On KangaMoon And Toncoin’s Developments In April

Explore the top 6 cryptos poised for a breakout after Bitcoin halving As BlockDAG outshines KangaMoon, Celestia, Render, Toncoin, and Stacks with 30,000x ROI potential.

Pepe Price Prediction – What’s Next For The Top Meme Coin Post Coinbase Futures Listing, Bitcoin Halving

The much-anticipated Bitcoin halving finally took place on April 19, 2024, causing a significant reaction among many cryptocurrencies on the market. 

ETF on Bitcoin spot: the inflow returns to be positive with the halving

After five days of outflow, yesterday the inflows of BTC recorded were equivalent to 62.2 million dollars.

News on Bitcoin’s performance after the halving

For now, the only relevant thing that happened is the spike in fees due to Rune, while everything else is still in full normality.

Rewards in mining decreasing: lower earnings after Bitcoin halving at block 840,000

The onchain transaction costs drop drastically: from $240 at the peak to $11.06.

ChatGPT predicts prices of major cryptocurrencies after BTC halving

As market participants adjust to this new phase, ChatGPT offers a fresh perspective on what might unfold for these currencies' values.

The analysis of JPMorgan: the post-halving prospects of Bitcoin

Evaluation of open interest in futures: Bitcoin between overbought and correction prospects

Runes: the revolutionary protocol on Bitcoin will be launched at block 840,000 of the halving

Saturday, April 20, in conjunction with the Bitcoin halving at block height 840,000, the Runes protocol will be officially launched.

The impact of Bitcoin Halving and Coinbase’s prospects in France

The Bitcoin halving is one of the most significant events in the crypto world, in this article we will explore Coinbase's point of view.

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