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Bitcoin mining news: possible slowdown in hashrate growth during the summer months

The latest news in the field of Bitcoin mining talks about possible drops in the hashrate during the months of July and August.

The growth of bitcoin miners listed in the United States: between hashrate and opportunities of artificial intelligence

In the context of an increasingly volatile and dynamic financial market, Bitcoin miners listed in the United States are experiencing surprising growth, reaching a collective market capitalization of 22.8 billion dollars. This exponential growth is attributable to several key factors, including a significant increase in their share of hashrate and […]

Bitcoin difficulty and hashrate record: halving is approaching

High mining difficulty: a 3.92% increase

The hashrate of Bitcoin is reaching new highs, while miners are preparing for the halving

The hashrate of Bitcoin in mining activities has grown significantly, exceeding 700 EH/s.

Halving of Bitcoin coming soon, and hashrate still very high

Will miners be able to cope with the halving of their reward?

Bitcoin mining: new all-time high for hashrate

For the first time, weekly average has exceeded 565 Eh/s.

Bitcoin mining: hashrate drops by 25% in Texas

The mining companies have been forced to reduce their energy consumption.

Bitcoin mining: hashrate level reaches 500 EH/s for the first time

Alongside this record hashrate surge, Bitcoin miners have demonstrated remarkable financial resilience

Mining: Bitcoin’s hashrate growth does not stop

More historical records just posted: hashrate has been growing almost continuously for almost a year now

New historic record for Bitcoin mining hashrate

A growth trend that has lasted since the beginning of the year and does not seem to want to stop

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