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Countdown started for Binance’s HTC Exodus 1

Pre-orders for smartphones open tomorrow

HTC Exodus 1, the smartphone for Binance

At the end of the month, a new HTC smartphone will be on the market that natively integrates Binance Chain and its DEX.

3 Top Trending and Potentially Profitable Cryptocurrencies: Big Eyes Coin, Chainlink, and Binance Coin

SPONSORED POST* We've been seeing Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Chainlink (LINK), and Binance Coin (BNB) in cryptocurrency charts recently and we're pondering why. These coins...

Axie Infinity arrives on Binance Launchpad

The third token sale dedicated to gaming on the platform of the well-known exchange will open tomorrow

HTC: the founder of Ethereum against the mining of Monero

It would take 500 years to recover the costs of the smartphone by mining XMR

HTC Exodus allows Monero crypto mining

According to Midas Labs, an ordinary laptop could mine about $0.06 a day in XMR

HTC: EXODUS 5G Hub private router with a Bitcoin full node

It is a device that guarantees a secure connection and is equipped with 5G

Binance invests in Numbers, a blockchain protocol for data tracking

The exchange has decided to help the ecosystem to be even more transparent and therefore traceable

Binance Chain: October 2019 growth report

A few hours ago the company published a post explaining the trend of its blockchain

How and where to use Binance Coin also outside Binance

It is not known, but the token of the famous exchange can be used as a means of payment even outside the exchange itself

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