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Vitalik Buterin sull’inflazione: una nuova prospettiva sull’aumento dell’offerta di valuta nella comunità crypto

The co-fondatore di Ethereum sfida le definizioni economiche tradizionali

Vitalik Buterin on inflation: a new perspective on the increase in currency supply in the crypto community

The co-fondatore di Ethereum sfida le definizioni economiche tradizionali

Mad inflation in Turkey pushes citizens to adopt Bitcoin and crypto

In Turkey, inflation has officially gone out of control, leading citizens to increasingly consider Bitcoin and crypto.

The presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. praises Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom

Robert Kennedy Jr., recently stated that Bitcoin represents the alternative to the brutal money printing.

Record for Bitcoin ETFs: surpassing gold capital inflows

$2.2 billion have entered only in the last 4 days.

The analyst Mike McGlone highlights a disappointing price performance for Bitcoin compared to that of gold

According to Mike McGlone, since the top of 2021, Bitcoin has recorded a disappointing performance compared to that of gold in terms of price.

The NFPrompt (NFP) crypto arrives on Binance launchpool and makes its debut on the markets with a record-breaking performance.

The users of the trading platform have had the opportunity to farm the crypto using their own BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD.

Crypto forecasts for 2024: investment opportunities according to Bitget Innovation Zone

Recently, the crypto exchange Bitget, in its Bitget Innovation Zone project, has released some forecasts regarding the potential promising coins of 2024.  Let's see below...

Crypto and DeFi can fight inflation

In Latin America in particular, a third of people already use stablecoins to pay for their purchases.

The organizational system of the Federal Reserve

The goal is to safeguard the health of the US economy and its development

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