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Jim Cramer incredulous of the bull run: “what has Bitcoin ever done for humanity?”

BTC in pump of over +150% since the host was inviting investors to ignore it.

Jim Cramer is pessimistic about Bitcoin’s future: he thinks investors should ignore it and buy traditional gold

However, the traditional commodity does not seem to be having better price action than BTC

Jim Cramer and his love-hate relationship with cryptocurrencies

U.S. financial guru urges investors to avoid speculative assets like Bitcoin

Jim Cramer returns to talk about investing in crypto

American financial guru returns to give advice on investing in crypto

“Dogecoin is a security,” Jim Cramer’s warning.

The tweet triggers the web and reopens the debate on the state of cryptocurrencies

Crypto: Jim Cramer urges to take profits

The famous host is worried about the crisis in the Chinese markets

Jim Cramer pays off a mortgage with bitcoin profits

He sold half of his position on the day of the peak, and used the profits to pay off the mortgage he had taken out to buy a house

Mad Money: how to invest stimulus money according to Jim Cramer

While not explicitly mentioning bitcoin, the TV host defines himself as "a believer".

Jim Cramer: Tesla was smart to buy bitcoin

For the host, Elon Musk's company once again shows itself to be ahead of the curve

Jim Cramer bought bitcoin

The famous TV presenter confirmed this himself during an interview

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