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Justin Sun Backs AI-Blockchain Fusion, Boosting Raboo Presale Above Top Meme Coins Like DOGE, PEPE

Meme coins have been popular for years. Many speculate that this is because the designs have a tone of levity.

Massive Ethereum Transfer to Justin Sun Wallet Cardano Price Volatile As KANG Set To Hit $6m

Ethereum records a massive transfer of around $500M, as Frederick Gregaard sets straight Cardano’s governance model advancement while KangaMoon presale success continues, having recorded more than $5.7M in presale

The SEC accuses Justin Sun of selling unregistered securities

In a significant development in the world of cryptocurrencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States has charged Justin Sun, the well-known entrepreneur behind TRON, one of the most important blockchain networks. The accusation alleges that Sun engaged in the sale of unregistered securities through various offerings, an accusation that highlights the ongoing regulatory scrutiny of […]

The TRON Foundation and Justin Sun request the dismissal of the SEC case, citing jurisdictional issues

The TRON Foundation, together with its founder Justin Sun, has taken a decisive step in the ongoing legal battle with the SEC.

Justin Sun publishes the screenshot of his $1.6 billion HTX wallet in Bitcoin

The tweet is only meant to show that he is a user of the crypto-exchange for which he is also a consultant.

Tron’s Justin Sun talks about the crypto hack at Huobi, which loses 5,000 ETH

The crypto-exchange was hacked for the equivalent of $8 million

Huobi’s bold step toward global expansion under the leadership of Tron founder Justin Sun

The renowned cryptocurrency exchange has embarked on a transformational journey by rebranding its international identity as HTX

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, liquidated $30 million in Ether from Lido by sending it to the crypto exchange Huobi

This move has raised concerns and sparked speculation about Sun's intentions

Crypto: Justin Sun (Tron) is staking 150,000 ETH

It was the single largest ever inflow on Lido since Ethereum staking has existed

Justin Sun announced a new crypto payment system based on ChatGPT and Tron

The perfect marriage of artificial intelligence and blockchain

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