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Lagarde: “climate change has a clear impact on inflation”

The ECB president made important statements

Christine Lagarde: another critique of crypto

New criticism of cryptocurrencies and the need to regulate DeFi

Christine Lagarde admits that her son owns cryptocurrencies

In a television program, when asked by a journalist, the head of the ECB admitted that her family owns crypto but that she emphasized the danger of it

Lagarde (ECB): Russia uses crypto to circumvent sanctions

The President of the European Central Bank is once again speaking out against cryptocurrencies

Lagarde (ECB): crypto are not currencies

Anthony Pompliano responds harshly to the words of the ECB President

Lagarde: “crypto is only for money laundering. They must be regulated”

ECB President warns that those who invest in cryptocurrency will lose all their money

Christine Lagarde: ‘Bitcoin is not for central banks’

According to the president of the European Central Bank, BTC is not a currency

Christine Lagarde: ‘Bitcoin is funny business’

The governor of the European Central Bank calls for more regulation globally for the use of cryptocurrencies

Christine Lagarde: “Stablecoins are a threat”

In an interview for a magazine, the President of the ECB also talked about digital euro

Lagarde: the digital euro as an alternative to stablecoins

According to the Governor of the European Central Bank, the digital euro is a competitor of private digital currencies

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