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All the crypto projects World Cup winner Leo Messi is involved in

Bitget, Sorare and Socios: his trusted relationship with the blockchain world

Bitget partners with Leo Messi

The partnership signals the meeting of sports and crypto, a promise of lasting efforts to benefit two worlds

Leo Messi at Paris Saint Germain paid in $PSG fan token

The footballer received the cryptocurrency in a welcome packet

The decisive contribution of Messi: Bitget asserts its presence in the European market

The quarterly survey by Bitget: partnership awareness at 84%, second place in European regions.

Bitget: the crypto-exchange gives away Lionel Messi’s merch

The new contest was launched to celebrate the birthday of the most accomplished soccer player ever

Bitget with Lionel Messi to reignite confidence in the crypto market

A tenacious effort with a $20 million investment in campaigns and rewards

Lionel Messi joins Sorare for NFT fantasy soccer

The blockchain-based gaming platform expands with new games and also new sponsors

Sorare NFT fantasy sports announces mobile app by the end of the year

The CEO of the French unicorn startup announces plans for the future

The best decentralized exchanges where to trade after the failure of The Rock Trading

A detailed comparison of the centralized and decentralized nature of the major exchanges on the market

Copy trading: how it works and which are the best platforms

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Bitget, presents two of its flagship products: the insights and the novelty copy trading.

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