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New malware threatens the crypto assets of Apple users and their wallets through fake blockchain games

This insidious malware targets individuals who engage in blockchain games

Telegram: detected malware stealing crypto on some traders

SafeGuard Cyber confirms that social impersonation has targeted employees of cryptocurrency companies

Malware report: 16.7 million fraudulent emails blocked

According to Trend Micro data, these threats have grown by a third compared to 2019

Covid-19 causes malware and ransomware to increase

A Trend Micro study reveals 8 million Coronavirus-themed attacks

KryptoCibule: the smart malware that mines XMR and ETH

The team of Eset has identified a virus that exploits Tor

Tesla: malware paid in Bitcoin

Fortunately, no one accepted the reward and the FBI was alerted

New malware mines Monero and steals AWS credentials

The Cado Security team has published an interesting new report

The first malware with Dogecoin

Intezer has discovered a new system to illegally mine crypto with the computers of unaware victims

Metamorfo, the malware that steals banking data

Bitdefender has investigated the virus that hides within infected devices

Malware discovered inside an Ethereum wallet

Shitcoin Wallet promised an Ethereum (ETH) airdrop

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