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Rewards in mining decreasing: lower earnings after Bitcoin halving at block 840,000

The onchain transaction costs drop drastically: from $240 at the peak to $11.06.

Australia: Blockchain Mining Group loses 41 million dollars in cryptocurrencies

The Australian regulatory authority acts against violations of financial law

How to make money online? BluestoneMining teaches you how to make $1000 a day.

They rely on recycling renewable energy such as solar and wind energy to provide fuel for their new energy cloud mining operations.

5000x ROI Potential – BlockDAG Redefines Crypto Mining, Sold Over 4200 Rigs During Conflux Price Surge & GFOX Presale 

Conflux (CFX) price has experienced a significant surge, marking a 56.3% increase over the past month.

The gold mining company Nilam Resources wants to acquire 24,800 Bitcoin

Nilam Resources, Inc., gold mining company, has announced its intention to acquire 24,800 Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining: over 93% extracted before the fourth halving

In the mining landscape, Bitcoin represents a beacon of scarcity, with over 93% of the supply already mined before the fourth halving.

The Top 5 New Crypto Coins To Invest In 2024 – New Meme Coins And A Bitcoin Mining Token

The cryptocurrency market is in a golden bull run and crypto prices have started going parabolic. 

Bitcoin: the positive numbers for ETFs and the government’s concerns on the mining side

Bitcoin woke up with a smile, continuing its upward trend.

Good news for Bitcoin mining in the USA

The Department of Energy forced to backtrack on a survey on mining.

Crypto news: Nvidia’s mining addition adds $277 billion in market value

This gain is the biggest ever in a single day.

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