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Crypto News: N26 expands into the crypto sector and Dash 2 Trade completes its trade list

2023 has just begun, but the news doesn't stop coming

N26 opens its doors to the crypto world

Valentin Stalf's German digital bank opens to the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with an expansion plan that starts in Austria and then spreads throughout the Union of 27

Italian bank “Banca d’Italia” blocks N26

The bank blocks new customers and crypto services from N26

N26 ready to enter the world of cryptocurrencies

The co-founder Max Tayenthal acknowledges the time lost

N26: Italians saved 1700€ during summer 2020

A study by the German company reveals average spending on summer holidays

N26: a study on banking fees worldwide

About half (47%) of Italians are not satisfied with their bank, and almost a third (27%) do not have their interests protected

N26 launches Business Premium with 0.5% cashback

Users will also have exclusive access to different offers from some N26 partners, such as Google Ads, Boosted, Fiverr, Blinkist, 8Fit and Udemy

N26: new spending habits during Coronavirus

The over 65s are the fastest-growing age group in the use of e-commerce, demanding more secure banking solutions

N26 addresses the Covid-19 crisis

The app has a new feature that allows opening an account from home in 8 minutes without having to wait for the card

N26 announces the launch of the Italian IBAN

All features remain the same but with more support for the Italian market

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