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Netflix: the film Bitconned about the crypto scam by Ray Trapani and Centra Tech coming in January 2024.

The new documentary tells the story behind the cryptocurrency scam.

Director Rinsch uses Netflix money to invest in crypto and more: all the details

Netflix invests millions, but the director invests in stocks, cryptocurrencies and more

The new Netflix movie “Crypto Boy”: a compelling tale about the world of cryptocurrencies

All the details about the new Netflix movie titled "Crypto Boy"

Bitget hires Netflix movie actor Adam Devine in its crypto campaign

The new #SetForChange initiative aims to increase awareness and adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrencies

Palm Foundation after collaborating in the NFT world with Netflix and Warner, is now partnering in the crypto world with Polygon

As of today, the foundation announced its collaboration with Polygon Labs to build a Polygon ZK Supernet

Netflix and Meta (Facebook) stocks: quarterly performance

In anticipation of the Q3 quarterly reports due on 26 and 27 October, there is good news for now

Netflix: Yes to documentaries but no to crypto-themed ads

The streaming platform opposes ads on gambling and more

Possible agreement between Netflix and Google

Diverse business models such as those of Netflix and Google could cooperate for a mutually beneficial outcome

NFTs from Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’ are not appreciated by fans

Not all fans of the series like the Non-Fungible Tokens

Netflix includes NFTs in the new season of “Love, Death + Robots”

The news comes from LDR's official Twitter account; QR codes will be hidden in the new season of the series to allow users to redeem exclusive NFTs.

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