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Trevor Jones reveals the revolutionary NFT Ordinals collection of the CryptoAngels

The artistic evocation of Trevor Jones in the world of CryptoAngels

STEPN NFT: fitness that embraces digital identity with Web3 domains .stepn

STEPN, the move-to-earn app based on NFT, is about to launch branded Web3 domains .stepn. NFT: the drop of 200 Web3 Premium domains created by Unstoppable Domains

From July 10 to August 9, customers can purchase a domain, with prices ranging from 20 to 10,000 dollars.

NFT: on Base the digital pins of the Paris Olympics mascot

The campaign for the claim of these free NFTs has already been launched.

Introducing Flurbo, Schmeckle, and the Launch of DeFi.Gold’s NFT Marketplace

Georgetown, Cayman Islands, July 9th, 2024, Chainwire The DeFi.Gold team is thrilled to announce the launch of two memecoins, Flurbo and Schmeckle, in partnership with...

Matter Labs: ZkSync rejects the accusations of “internal minting” of NFTs

ZkSync confirms: some minters took part in the official events, but there is no internal involvement in the creation of the NFTs

Are memecoins the cause of the low prices in the NFT market?

A hypothesis that tries to explain the sharp drop in volumes in June.

Interview with Hussein Zangana from XPR Cafe: here’s how NFTs work on the ledger on which the Ripple crypto is also based

During the conference in Amsterdam organized by Ripple, we interviewed the CEO of the marketplace dedicated to NFTs based on XRPL

The collapse of the value of NFTs and the comment of the CEO of SuperRare

The NFT market is not doing well at the moment, but it is trying to reinvent itself.

The L2 blockchain of Zora arrives on the DEX Uniswap with additional support for NFT

Zora, blockchain layer-2 di Ethereum, has landed a few days ago on the DEX Uniswap, opening new connections with the DeFi world.

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