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Web3TalentFair is coming

PRESS RELEASE Web3TalentFair is the first Edition of a Job Fair dedicated to the main pain of Web3’s builders, the lack of talents. The event...

Microsoft partners with Enjin for new NTFs

They will issue NFTs on Ethereum to reward those who have committed to Azure

OKX,, and Halo become partners of the Mocaverse metaverse

Users will be able to request their unique Moca IDs in-app to access the ecosystem.

The price of Bitcoin today in USD is like in December 2021

However, there are signs of a possible correction that could come right after surpassing the 50,000 USD mark.

Crypto Watch: Who Are The Winners of the Week?

Three cryptocurrencies have attracted the most attention: Flare, Ronin and Galaxy Fox. Why and how can their growth be explained?

Revolutionizing Decentralized Apps and Smart Contracts – Attracting BNB Investors?

Revolutionising decentralised apps and smart contracts - attracting investors to BNB? See all the details below.

Jupiter announces the airdrop of its token by the end of January.

Jupiter had already announced in November the release of 4 billion JUP tokens through an airdrop to early users of their platform.

Even today, the price of Bitcoin is supported by volumes.

Despite everything, trading volumes show no signs of decreasing, and this means that there is still market demand.

Analysis of crypto Cardano, Litecoin, Solana

This morning the crypto space woke up with a correction in the price of BTC.

Large drop in crypto addresses on Litecoin

The data, however, clashes with the usage records from mid-November.

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