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News for the Uniswap crypto exchange: the $8 million attack and the transition to Open Source

The latest news regarding the Uniswap crypto exchange amid theft and significant changes

Jack Dorsey: Block will sell open source Bitcoin mining machines

The company is apparently ready, as announced at the beginning of the year

Facebook: a fork for Libra to make it open source

The stablecoin code has been forked to create an open and decentralised version of it

Jamie Dimon: JPM Coin could become open source

During an interview, the CEO has suggested that the stablecoin could also be used by ordinary consumer users in the future

Inbitcoin releases the Lighter open source software for LN apps

A middleware for Lightning Network developers that facilitates the connection between apps and the network

Giacomo Zucco, “Bitcoin is an open source protocol to be developed on”

Bitcoin's immaculate conception and the "winner takes it all" effect could in the future allow only a single blockchain and a single digital gold to exist

Bitmain has bought Opera, based on the open source Chromium

One of the Internet pioneers, now owned by the Chinese, has decided to go public. The IPO documentation shows that the bitcoin mining giant is among the main investors

Crypto: Uniswap launches open-source protocol UniswapX

It is a permissionless aggregator that finds the best prices and sources of liquidity for trading across different cross-chain AMMs

Gekko: the free and open-source trading bot for cryptocurrencies

A software that provides traders with valid tools and a user-friendly interface

Coinbase open-sources the code for its security scanning tool

The leading US cryptocurrency exchange released the code for its automated security platform on GitHub

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