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Exploding volumes for Reddit NFTs

As the NFT market continues to decline there is an explosion on the Reddit platform

Reddit’s collectible NFT avatars on the Ethereum network: a growing market with 10 million holders

In 2023, the number of Reddit avatar holders grew by an impressive 80%

Reddit ready to go public, thanks to AI, crypto and NFTs

The social network has put a fee on access to its API for those involved in AI

Reddit users have minted more than 5 million NFT avatars, surprising the crypto world

As many as 255,000 NFTs were minted in a single day

New NFT launches: Habbo, Prada, Ledger, Reddit and Sorare

The digital world evolves so rapidly that it is often almost impossible to discover the latest news at the right time

Reddit launches an Avatar NFT marketplace on Polygon

Artists will be able to sell their Non-Fungible Tokens

Reddit launches its own NFTs: $1,627,500 already collected

A new NFT collection from the world-famous Reddit forum. Currently only four avatars in circulation

Reddit also experiments with profile images in NFT

The famous social also enters the non-fungible token sector.

Reddit is ready to enter the NFT market

The platform is looking for a backend developer for a project related to non-fungible tokens 

Reddit’s IPO Filing Shows Bitcoin & Ethereum Holdings; AI Crypto Sensation Captivates Reddit Users

Reddit's IPO filing shows holdings in Bitcoin and Ethereum as phenomenal AI cryptocurrency wins over Reddit users.

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