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The Revolut app launches RevPoints: the new loyalty program for debit cards

Users can earn points and obtain rewards in travel, accommodations, and more.

Revolutionizing tech: UNIVERSAL TECH EXPO 2024 ignites innovation in the heart of Southeast Asia

The Universal Tech Expo 2024, set to be the most transformative technology event of the year, will take place on August 23-24 at the prestigious NUSTAR Resort & Casino in Cebu City, Philippines.

SphereX Announces Testnet Launch to Revolutionize Decentralized Trading

Singapore, Singapore, June 20th, 2024, ChainwireSphereX, a pioneering decentralized exchange (DEX), is thrilled to announce the launch of its testnet. This significant step forward...

Revolut adds bonds to its trading app for customers in Italy

Users can now also invest in corporate and government bonds.

Stage Raises $2.4M to Revolutionize the Future of Music

Tortola, BVI, June 14th, 2024, ChainwireStage, with it's $STAGE token that is set to launch soon on the BNB Chain, launches a platform where...

Chainswap launches the Telegram Bot: revolution for cross-chain transactions

Chainswap, the pioneer of multi-chain decentralized exchanges (DEX), has announced the launch of its Telegram Bot, bringing the accessibility of its cross-chain functionalities directly to Telegram. This innovation simplifies the trading process and increases activity among users seeking a simplified cryptocurrency trading interface. Chainswap: the accessibility of the Telegram interface Creating this application for […]

iExec Launches Enhanced DataProtector: Revolutionizing Web3 Monetization & Ownership

Lyon, France, June 4th, 2024, ChainwireiExec's latest dev tool empowers Web3 developers to build apps that enhance user control over their digital assets and...

BRICS currency: ready to revolutionize the global financial system in 2024

A year of intense work for the development of a native currency: all the details.

Revolut sollecita un intervento dell’UE contro le frodi online

Revolut has made an urgent appeal to Italian institutions and the EU to adopt a new approach in the fight against online fraud.

Phantom acquires Bitski: revolution in wallets on Solana

New opportunities for users and developers thanks to embedded wallets

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